The French Disconnection, 2: Stranglehold

Americans are caught off guard when I tell them that during my sojourn in France it was difficult to admit of my devotion to yoga without raising suspicions of belonging to a cult; even my enthusiasm for Insight Meditation alarmed people for its presumed affinity to brainwashing. This extreme mistrust of anything remotely religious or doctrinaire stems from the bitter struggle of the secular Republicans with the stranglehold of the Catholic Church over state policy and people’s minds. The secular rationalists “won” but their victory has a legacy of reflexive disdain for anything even vaguely reminiscent of a spiritual quest. Spirituality, according to the refined French intellect, implies sloppy thinking, perverted logic and susceptibility to hocus pocus while the shared creed of Republicanism is founded on clear-minded argument as to what constitutes a fair, just, and generally benevolent society.

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