And You Will Love

As the dissident daughter of an Orthodox Jewish family, by the age of 16, I was a non-subscriber to their codified world-view. By the age of 18, I left behind community as I knew it and meaning as I understood it. The late 60’s were roaring with alternatives, but I was skeptical, restless and radically alone. I might try one thing and then another but the template for spiritual coherence always nagged, inarticulate, bereft and unfulfilled.

And You Will Love the Lord Thy God with all your heart and your soul and your might.

I grew up with that dictate. Once upon a time I recited it three times a day. Then I left it behind. Only I keep coming back to it again and again. And You Will Love. It is a potent directive, a challenge, an exhortation, a gauntlet thrown and an enormous enigma. It is the erotic energy charge of the entire cosmos.

My mother insisted she lived by it. I was never sure I believed in her believing. I suspected her allegiance was some kind of accommodation, a trade-off for shelter from the storm. But this was one of so many dimensions we never co-habited, one of many conversations she and I never had.

Contemporary women of the world have come unmoored from the totem pole of the One-Masculine-Divine. We don’t mind getting tossed about in search of other passions and paths. We’re untethered with something I like to call wildcat love pumping in our veins.

The many ways this wildcat love can be destructive or transformative, limiting or liberating, both to ourselves and to others, that’s the charge and the longing, the mystery and the legacy. That’s the wavering compass of spiritual adventure.

And You Will Love

And You Will Blog

Who knew?

Doo… do…be…doo…

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