Beyond The Veil

There is a midrash I like about two biblical women, Rebeccah and Tamar. Both of these women are mothers of male twins. Rebecca’s twins are Jacob and Esau and those two brothers are pitted against one another in struggle. Tamar, who is one of the women involved in the propagation of the messianic line, is also the mother of twins, one of whom, Peretz, assures the Redeemer’s legacy. Both of these women were heavily veiled. Rebeccah, the mother of the adversarial twins, removes her veils and this is because we unfortunately know all too well the face of warfare and strife.Tamar does not reveal herself. (This self-disguise it must be said is primarily to hide her identity from her unsuspecting father-in-law who takes her for a cult prostitute at the crossroads. More on this sub-theme soon). But the midrash tells us that another reason Tamar doesn’t remove her veils is that we are not yet ready for her to do so; we have not yet seen the true face of messianic redemption ; we do not really know what it is to behold all that lies beyond the veil, to hold our gaze steady in an inclusive and peaceful world.

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