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Final Payment

When is the last time you saw an action-packed film with a woman who must reckon with her own history as its main protagonist? This sort of screenwriting doesn’t come around too often. The Debt is a thriller by genre, … Continue reading

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A Glimpse

Rabbi Art Green knows that religion has always been a powerful force motivating people to act, often in blind faith, on behalf of a cause. It is hard to imagine crusades, inquisitions, jihads or our own Jewish extremists without the … Continue reading

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The only way to meet an ecological crisis is to expand beyond self-serving expediency. To help us evolve in that way, Rabbi Art Green emphasizes the Kabbalah-based doctrine of Oneness of Being. Once we understand that as God’s creations we … Continue reading

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A Radical Reb with an Urgent Concern

Rabbi Arthur Green is a master of shaking up complacent souls. When he first came along in the late sixties, he galvanized my older brother into a spirited form of Jewish revival that eventually won the respect of even my … Continue reading

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Love Affair

All this summer I’ve carried on an open love affair with the Deerfield River. It is my ritual every weekday afternoon to go to a secluded woodsy spot where I am often the only visitor. When alone, I glide naked … Continue reading

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