The Author

The dissident daughter of a long line of Orthodox rabbis, Susan does an approach/avoidance dance with Jewish feminism and spirituality. She also very much likes to belly dance, is fascinated by transgression and delights in probing conversations with her friends.

Informed by an early experience of Jungian analysis, she explores archetypal themes from a challenging perspective.

During her 22 years as an expatriate raising a family in France, Susan avoided Jewish communal life as much as possible, while maintaining her own practice of yoga and meditation. She wrote on dance, culture, lifestyle and spiritual undercurrents in a self-consciously secular Europe while contributing regularly to the International Herald Tribune.

Returning to her native New York in 2001, she became a life-coach and learned to lead hypnotic journeys, relishing the contribution of the unconscious to the adventure of personal evolution.

In a time of great synergism, of questioning and curiosity, conflict and insurgency, Susan is wide open to the wonder and still perplexed as to  how to make a living. She is having a lot of fun so far with From the Twisted Fringe and invites you to join the conversation.


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